About Minister Jap


Ministerjap.com is a multimedia platform that offers entertainment, motivation, advice, current events, & etc for the black community. The owner,creator, and personality “Minister Jap” designed this platform for brothers and sister to freely discuss issues we face in the black community without being filtered or censored.

Minister Jap has become an internet sensation with his harsh delivery and witty perspective of different topic dealing with black people. Raised on the south side of the Chicagoland area Jap learned a lot dealing with the streets, corporations, relationships and etc. Jap takes his personal experiences and assesses them and offers the masses game and knowledge so that they can make chess moves in life. Jap’s main focus is educating black women on the importance of marrying before they have children.

The movement created is called ” Marry before you carry”. Jap also educated men on the importance of not falling victim to women who use them for their resources. The knowledge that Jap is saving and change lives daily. The Minister Jap Channel also offers a live radio show where callers are free to speak their minds on any topic. This platform is growing and expanding daily so fell free to support your brother and become a part of something great.